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What Is A Corsetti Cruiser?

A Corsetti Cruiser is the ultimate restoration that exceeds your passions and dreams.  We only restore the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, FJ55, FJ60, FJ62, FZJ80 and the International Scout 800 or Scout 2.



  • A full frame off, partial frame off, or frame on restoration with a high end windows out paint job.  All items including the inner and outer fenders are removed and painted separately.  Color changes are also available with heat cured polyuria undercoating.

  • The frame is powder coated, dry ice blasted or sanded down and coated with POR 15 for the ultimate protection.

  • Custom interior with heated and cooled seats, high end carpet or custom third row seating installed.



  • FZJ80 frame swap to a 60 series body

  • Jeep J/K Rubicon frame fabricated to an International Scout



  • We restore original motors like the 2F, 3F or 1Z Toyota motors.

  • Bullet supercharged 2UZ motor for the 100 series

  • Brand new LS3 EROD paired with a 5 speed NV4500 or a 4L65e 4 speed automatic with overdrive. 

  • LSA EROD paired with a 4L80 4 speed automatic transmission with overdrive.

  • Hellcat for our International Scouts.

  • Hellaphant for our Scout 2 builds only. 


  • For these builds we like to source the trucks ourselves to make sure you're starting off with the cleanest option

  • We will consider restoring a truck brought to us but it needs to pass our inspection before being considered


  • All trucks are different and pricing does vary.  Depending on your options, the Corsetti Cruiser builds are priced between $180k and $285k.

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