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Tire sizes for a factory rim on a 1981-1990 FJ60 or FJ62 Land Cruiser

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

These tire suggestions are for a factory chrome Toyota rims only. Other sizes work with other rims, but these are the best fit for the 6" or 7" wide factory rim.

1. Factory set up. 28" 9.5 R 15 BF Goodrich tires.

2. 31" 10.5 R15 BF Goodrich All Terrain K02.

3. 32" 10.5 R 15 BF Goodrich All Terrain K02 (White out option as well)

4. 33" 10.5 R15 BF Goodrich All Terrain K02. I wouldn't go any wider than 10.5" or larger than 33" on a factory rim. At high speeds you can tell the truck wants to float all over the road. It has great clearance for off roading, and pairs great with an OME 2.5 lift. Especially for a FJ62.

Below is the same tire size but on an FJ60.

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