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What To Look For When Buying an FJ60

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

This post is to educate people who are not that familiar with the FJ60, or to act as a refresher for those who know this beloved creature. Honestly? I'm posting this as my own list so I can quickly access it on my phone when I'm about to buy one.

Some of these list items are "no brainers," but are still great reminders.

1. Tears In The Driver Seat

Don't be alarmed. They all have it. Some as little as this picture, or as big as half the seat.

SOLUTION: Find the original material and have an interior shop stitch it together. It shouldn't cost you more than $120 a yard for the material and $150 for the labor.

2. Rubber Seals And Leaks There are a lot of very important seals on the Land Cruiser FJ60, and it's crucial to know what they are. They can cost as little as $200 all the way up to $1,500 to replace, so being educated before you buy can help you negotiate your price.

3. Brakes and Brake Testing

A brake job for a Land Cruiser FJ60 is not a cheap brake job because you need to repack the front wheel bearings and make additional adjustments at the same time.

To do a thorough inspection take the wheel off to check the pads, brake lines and hoses. When checking the brakes don't blow the dust out with compressed air! It may contain asbestos and is harmful to your health. Use brake parts cleaner from your local parts store and soak up the resulting gunk with shop towels and cardboard.

These trucks are getting older, so even with the lower mileage FJ60's, you'll start to see leakage from these brake lines and hoses.

To check the rear brakes you'll need to remove the drum.

*If the drum can't come off chances are the emergency brake is on. Check that first before taking a hammer to it! When you test drive the FJ60 make sure you do so at various speeds with both light and heavy pedal pressure. The truck should stop evenly without pulling to one side or make a clicking noise. If there are any modifications or lifts to any part of the suspension, inspect them carefully to make sure they were done correctly. A brake job is the one repair I don't do myself, so please see an expert who has done a brake job on the FJ60 and ask the right questions as there are many components to check.


Here is a list: Brake, power steering, engine oil, coolant, transmission, transfer case, and differentials and (Freon if you have AC).

5. Check the front knuckles for signs that they need to be re-packed.

6. Carburetor & Vacuum Pressure These are the two most common problems of making an FJ60 run perfectly. Making sure the factory carburetor is tuned and the vacuum pressure is good at different RPMs. There are other things you should be aware of like rubber belts and hoses, tire tread and radiator temp, but these are the most common service parts that need attention when purchasing any used vehicle.

If there is something I'm missing please email me so I can make adjustments.



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