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The top 5 seals that leak on a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

These are certainly not all the seals on the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60. This list is to educate novice buyers and give them confidence to locate typical problematic areas when purchasing an FJ60. The 5 listed below are for the 1981-1987 models.

#1 The Oil Pan Seal. On high-milage trucks, the oil pan is bound to leak. Taking this job to a shop is probably the best way to go, considering these pans are nearly impossible to remove in a driveway home repair.

#2 The Transfer Case Seal. Again due to high-milage, this seal is bound to fail. Again a shop is the best place to have this fix done. This is because the transfer case is extremely heavy and a bit tricky to deal with.

#3 Valve Cover Seal. This is the easiest to spot when purchasing a truck. When this goes bad you will notice a thick black sludge start to build right above the spark plugs. This is a pretty simple repair, however trying to navigate all the vacuum lines is bound to make you wish you bought a Model T.

#4 Gear Box Seal. In my experience, trucks with 200k plus mileage need this seal replaced.

#5 The Rear Main Seal. This is the most time consuming and expensive job for a mechanic as it is located at the heart of the engine/transmission.



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