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Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 Factory Recall (1981-1987)

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

When I first started buying my Land Cruiser FJ60's I realized there are some factory recalls that are important to buyers. Although Toyota won't support and fix the recalls now, some can be easily corrected in pre-planned repairs.

1. 1981 - 1987 FUEL SYSTEM, GASOLINE: STORAGE: TANK ASSEMBLY High temperatures and loading can create high pressure in the fuel tank. These stresses can expand the welds in the tank which can result in cracks and fuel leaks.

SOLUTION: Most tanks will have to be dropped and cleaned at a certain age/milage anyway. Also, all new OEM tanks and rebuilding codes fix this problem. To refurbish your tank will cost you about $550 or less. New tanks run between $150 - $450 not including installation.

2. 1981 MODELS ONLY: STEERING: LINKAGES: TIE ROD ASSEMBLY PROBLEM If a 1981 FJ60 is continuously driven at speeds over 50 mph on rough roads the tie rod may bend and eventually fail. This could result in loss of control and cause an accident. Luckily this was caught in 1981 by Toyota who asked everyone that bought a 1981 Land Cruiser FJ60 to get it fixed at their local dealership at no charge. Tie rods are an easy fix and can be found at most major parts houses for not too much money.

3. 1982 -1987 REAR SEAT BELTS This is a very minor defect, but the rear seat lap belt may not return to a fully retracted position after use. This can be easily fixed with a new seat belt mechanism for those who are perfectionists. However, these are rather expensive and at the end of the day are not worth the money and effort, since you're not sacrificing any safety.



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